Lunch Passes

To start off, I fully understand that being given the ability to go out for lunch is a privilege. Open lunch is often the most convenient thing to do and offers many more options than staying in for non-nutritious cafeteria food. However, I cannot comprehend why the administration feels like they have to take away your lunch pass and give you a hole punch every time you’re late. The rule is that once you get four hole punches in a trimester, you cannot go out for lunch the remainder of that trimester. Is it just me or does this seem extremely unfair? Of course they don’t want students arriving at school 20 minutes after lunch ends, but if you’re just a couple minutes late, you already deal with the repercussions that come with tardies to class (such as an x-block detention, or even a Saturday). Why do you have to suffer through a detention because of tardies AND have your open lunch taken away? My proposition is to at least alter the rule so that you only get a hole punch if you are ten or more minutes late. This way the administration can still prevent students from skipping class, while also keeping it fair for everyone.

-Kevin J.