Last night around 8:00 PM I turned on the TV and started watching the World Series. I was able to catch the very beginning of the game, as I tuned in right after the national anthem. The first thing I heard was the PA Announcer say something about the game being “brought to you by Cialis.” The first thing I thought of was manipulative advertising. The only reason the main sponsor for the World Series is Cialis is because they know older men will be watching the game. If baseball was a women’s sport, they would be advertising cosmetics. However, since men will be watching, they try to exploit that and point out men’s weaknesses. I guarantee every advertising agency does research and finds out that most men are insecure about their sexuality. This trend allows them to take advantage of the viewers and ultimately leads to more sales of their product. It is a simple tactic, but very manipulative and demoralizing. I think it is wrong to show certain advertisements directed at a particular audience only intended to point out the viewer’s flaws. Nothing about this will ever change, but it really just shows us how manipulative the advertising industry is and what kind of morals they value.

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